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Blinkist – 15min Book and Podcasts Insights⏱

📚Want to read more, but don’t have the time? Fear not, wannabe bookworm, Blinkist can help. It tackles the seemingly endless list of must-read non-fiction books by condensing them into informative and digestible 15-minute summaries.⏱

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Blinkist – Choose what fits you, how it fits you:

📚Blinks –  Read or listen to the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction in 15 minutes⏱

🎧 Shortcasts – Blinkist teamed up with podcast creators to bring you key insights from podcasts

✍️Expert curation – Hand-picked recommendations, collections tailored to what you’re interested in, and more

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Blinks – The book summaries

Each summary, or blink, is formatted so that those hefty tomes you’ve been putting off reading for months can be easily navigated via a brief-yet concise synopsis. What’s more, summaries can be either read or listened to.🎧

📚Better yourself with more than 5,000 summaries of bestselling non-fiction books. 10 new book summaries are added each week.🆕

🎁Every day there is a free daily pick to enjoy, with friendly reading reminders to help you stay on track.🆓

For those wanting to make the most of the app, you can also subscribe to Blinkist’s full catalogue, which features authors such as Richard Dawkins and Walter Isaacson.

To help you discover new titles, the For You section also recommends new reads based on your past studies, while 19 separate categories offer quick-hit access to summaries on the latest must-not-miss economics, psychology or mindfulness books.

📚Get the insights and key ideas from more than 5000 books in just 15 minutes⏱

Read or listen to carefully curated summaries of best non-fiction books. Best business and self-improvement books are available on Blinkist and at least 40 new books added each month. Get important insights and ideas from best podcasts in just 15 minutes. 🎧

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Стойчо Недев

Вярвам , че никой няма да се грижи за вашите пари по-добре от самите вас. От 2007 година сам управлявам моите пари и съм много доволен от резултатите. Желанието ми е да ви помогна да вземете управлението на вашите пари във вашите ръце. Това не е трудна задача, а резултатите си заслужават.

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