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EstateGuru – 12.84% return from real estate backed loans in 1 year

My portfolio net annual return on EstateGuru is 12.84% after 1 year of investing. This is an excellent return on investment in real estate backed loans. Here is how my results look like:

My results after 1 year of investing

EstateGuru results after 1 year of investing

I am very happy with the results. Almost 13% net annual return on mortgage secured short-term loans sounds like a very good deal to me. I really like the risk/return ratio provided by the platform.

My EstateGuru portfolio

I tried to build a well-diversified investment portfolio of short-term real estate backed loans 96% of which are backed by a first-rank mortgage. Loans are relatively short-term for real estate – up to 18 months, most of them shorter than 12 months. Here is how my investment portfolio looks like:

My EstateGuru portfolio

My porfolio consists of 80 outstanding loans of which just 2 are up to 15 days late and 1 is in default. Until now all defaulted projects was fully repaid and there are zero losses for investors. This is an impresive achievement, considering that EastateGuru is operating more  than 5 years. 

Here is how my outstanding loans portfolio statistics look like:

Excellent track record

Since 2014 EstateGuru funded more than 1200 loans amounted to more than €170 million euro. Investors have earned hefty returns of 11.88% average on short-term property-backed loans. The average loan term is 11 months. There is a very good margin of safety for investors because the average loan-to-value (LTV) is just 58%. EstateGuru is the largest platform of its kind in Europe and already operates in five countries, with more to come. This cross-border activity offers our investors more choice, more opportunity, and better returns.

0.5% Bonus for New EstateGuru Investors 🎁

EstateGuru is offering a sign-up bonus to new investors for a limited time period. To qualify for bonus follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Sign-up as a new EstateGuru investor using this link – https://vivainvest.eu/join-estateguru

2. Invest in EstateGuru loans within 3 months of account opening. There are no limits placed on how large your sign up bonus can be. All investments made within 3 months of account opening qualify for the bonus.

3. EstateGuru will then automatically credit your account at the end of the 3 month period. EstateGuru will automatically transfer the funds to your investor account once the project(s) reach “funded” status on the platform. 

My conclusion on EstateGuru

After investing on EstateGuru for more than a year I can honestly say that in my humble opinion the platform is one of the best options for European P2P investors right now. It offers excellent risk-adjusted returns. I manage to get almost 13% net average return with a low average LTV of just 58% and good-quality collateral. Recently they added a secondary option allowing an early exit from investments. The more the 5 years track record of EstateGuru is excellent with low levels of defaults, and strong recoveries on defaulted loans resulting in zero losses for investors. In my opinion, this is impressive.

EstateGuru alternatives for real estate investing

The main reason for me to like EstateGuru is the excellent and long track record as well as a very good loan supply. There is no cash drag at all. If this is what you want, the platform is definitely a good choice.

If you’d rather go for a less risky, but lower returns you can check Rendity. They provide real estate loans in Austria and Germany and have a nice €100 sign-up bonus for a limited time. You can register and get more information at bit.ly/Rendity100.

If you prefer long-term rental real estate investment you can check ReInvest24. They provide real estate equity deals for rental properties and offer a small €10 sign-up bonus until the end of January 2020. You can register and get the bonus at http://bit.ly/ReinvestSN

I use both Rendity and ReInvest24 for more than a year and I am quite happy with the results.