Mintos Invest&Access – Easy access to your investments

What is Mintos Invest&Access? Mintos Invest&Access is a strong Bondora Go&Grow competitor. The new product is an excellent offer for investors that are new to P2P lending, demand instant access to their investments and good diversification. We know that Invest&Access is comming here are some hints. Several months ago in interview with Mintos Head of Product, Marcis Gogis he said exactly this: “We will still be working on our core product that has proved to be a success according to the achievements we have made so far. That core product is investments in loans. We will continue making that function more user-friendly while adding additional features inspired by our investors and developed by our teams.” Currently 85% of Mintos investors are using auto invest. So the next logical step for Mintos was to make a fully automated and diversified investment product which is exactly what Mintos Invest&Access is. Mintos Invest&Access most important features There are some very important features for the new Mintos Invest&Access product, which I would like to highlight: Nice almost 12% expected return rate Expected return on Invest&Access is almost 12%, but it’s not guaranteed neither caped like Gp&Grow. How much you can earn depends on what’s in your portfolio and what’s available on the market. Mintos will show you the weighted average interest rate for your portfolio on your Invest & Access page. Easy to get invested You just need to specify the amount you want and get it instantly invested. The minimum Invest&Access portfolio size … Продължете с четенето на Mintos Invest&Access – Easy access to your investments