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Mintos Invest&Access – what we know before the official lunch

Какво е Mintos Invest & Access

This post is in English and there will be Bulgarian version on Monday. Mintos Invest&Access is a strong Bondora Go&Grow competitor. The new product is an excellent offer for investors that are new to P2P lending, demand instant access to their investments and good diversification.

What is Mintos Invest&Access?

You can read the information about Mintos Invest&Access before the official lunch at 7th of June 2019. This information will be available in Bulgarian language on Monday. I publish it because I feel lots of investors are keen to know more about Mintos’ latest invesment product.

You can read all the information I know so far at this link:


Please note that this is unofficial information I gathered from Martins Sulte presentation on P2P Conference 2019 in Riga and other I belive trustworthy sources, but it is not officially confirmed by Mintos

What the future holds for Mintos

Most important new products we can expect form Mintos this year are:

  • European e-Money license
  • Personal IBAN and Mintos debit card
  • Mintos Mobile App
Mintos mobile app

Mintos Mobile App is expected in September or October this year. And the personal IBANs and debit card before the end of this year.

Mintos Invest&Access will be available to investors starting Monday, 10th of June 2019. I can’t wait to try it!

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